Henry did a high-five!

 At ARC, we also train the dogs to do some tricks to exercise their brain as well, not only their body

Welcome to ARC Dog Rescue!


We always interested in recruiting new foster families. If you want a dog, but don't plan to stay long term, please contact us. Please see our current dogs available for foster and adoption.  'Fostered' dogs still need permanent 'adoptive' homes. Foster care is just  a  temporary solution - please still ask about our fostered pets, they need forever homes too!

In Shelter

Meet Ricky

 Male, 5 years old

Ricky is our sunshine! He has changed 180° since coming to ARC. Before, super shy and super suspicious, he now likes to greet people he knows. He is always happy and very easy to handle.

In Foster

Meet Bear

 Female, 7 years old 


Bear is a sweet girl inside. She just scares easily. She needs someone with patience and knowledge about how to deal with scared dog. Once she knows you, she is very lovely!

Last updated 10th July 2017

In Shelter

Meet Henry

 Male, 2.5 year's old

Henry is a quiet, shy boy who makes us laugh with his huge smile and shining eyes. He loves food and back rubs and likes to play with leashes. It takes him a little while to trust people and he'd need time to get used to a new environment.

In Shelter

Meet Spotty

 Male, 1 year 11 months old

 Spotty is a handsome, young dog who is full of fun. He will need some guidance and education from his new owner. After a warm up phase he gets along very well with other dogs and loves to play.

In Shelter

Meet Louie

 Female, 6 months old

Louie is a sweet girl. She is cheerful and brave. She can get along pretty well with other puppy. She also very smart girl.

In Shelter

In Foster

Meet Dotty

 Female, 6 months old

Dotty was found on street dying from heat and dehydration. But she survived and enjoy a happy life at shelter. She is very friendly to everything.

Meet Halle

 Female, 4 months old

Halle is an easy-going puppy. She can get along well with bigger dogs and also with cats.

In Shelter

Meet Coco

 Female, 6 months old

Coco was rescued from Phu Quoc Island. She is very sweet and a bit shy toward stranger. But once she knows you, she is adorable.

In Shelter

Meet May

 Female, 6 months old

May was rescued from Phu Quoc Island. She is a jumping rabbit! Very happy go lucky, but she also has some attitude.

In Shelter

Meet Molly

 Female, 8 years old

Molly  was rescued from the street with severe skin disease. She is still under treatment for skin. Would you like to help take care of her?

In Foster

Meet Buddy

 Male, 5 years old

Buddy was rescued from the street. He was fully covered in ticks! He has problem with his eyes. Currently living in foster care and progressing well !

Dog rescue in Ben Tre

ARC is a non for profit charity. 

Our mission is to initiate and facilitate care, advocacy and awareness for animals in need in Vietnam

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